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Monthly Service Charges

What are Monthly Service Charges?
These are charges that pay for fixed costs required to provide water and wastewater services. This includes maintenance of underground pipes, water and wastewater treatment plants, pumps, valves, billing and collections needs, meter maintenance, and plant investments.

Why do I have to pay this charge?
The costs to run the utility exist regardless of water consumption by customers. This charge is often called the “Readiness to Serve” charge because it ensures KC Water can maintain the critical infrastructure required to deliver water and wastewater services.

Does everyone pay a Monthly Service Charge?
Yes. The service charge applies to all accounts whether or not water is used in a billing cycle. This is similar to what many power and gas utilities list as the Customer Charge on their residential customer bills. Those charges are applied whether or not electricity or natural gas is used in a billing cycle.

How much is the Monthly Service Charge?
The service charge for water depends on the size of the meter connection and the number of days in the billing cycle. The current (May 01, 2021 – April 30, 2022) monthly water service charge for a 5/8-inch meter connection (most common residential size meter) is $14.67 per month based on a 30-day month. The current monthly wastewater service charge of $23.93 is the same no matter the size of the connection, but it also varies depending on the number of days in a billing cycle.