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KC Water Resumes the Keep Out the Rain Program

Posted on November 4, 2021

(Kansas City, MO) – KC Water will restart the Keep Out the Rain program, beginning November 4, 2021. This is a complimentary program offered by KC Water to help Kansas City residents find and fix prohibited rainwater sources at their houses. In March of 2020, the program was placed on hold as a result of the financial and health impacts of COVID-19.

“The Keep Out the Rain program helps successfully reduce rainwater that enters our city’s sanitary sewer system and the consequent burden it places on the carrying capacity. I am glad that we are able to continue this program,” said KC Water’s Smart Sewer Officer, Srini Vallabhaneni.

The restart effort will initially focus on homeowners that previously signed-up for rainwater source evaluations and disconnections. Subsequently, KC Water will begin signing-up new applications staring in April 2022 in targeted priority areas for rainwater disconnections.

“It is important for homeowners to know that teams of local plumbing contractors need to enter homes for evaluations and they will follow all local safety and social distancing guidelines,” said Vallabhaneni.

Kansas City continues to improve its wastewater infrastructure amid the COVID-19 pandemic through the city’s Smart Sewer program, a comprehensive approach to reducing overflows from combined and separate systems. These ongoing efforts will creates a cleaner, healthier environment for our community and improves the quality of the water that is returned to area waterways.

Over the past 10 years through fiscal year 2021, 40 projects were completed on time and on budget, and in the current fiscal year 2022, KC Water is implementing 51 projects to comply with the Consent Decree.

For more information, contact Heather Frierson, KC Water Media Relations Coordinator, 816-513-0280, cell: 816-674-0211

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KC Water maintains and operates water treatment and distribution systems, stormwater management systems, and wastewater collection and treatment systems for residential and business customers in Kansas City and for wholesale customers in the Kansas City area.  KC Water is primarily funded by fees charged to customers based on their use or impacts on the three utility systems.

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