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KC Water customers who have a sprinkler system for their lawn, a fire protection line or any water service line that’s in addition to their main service line must have a backflow device. And, that device must be tested each year to protect the public drinking water supply.

A backflow device prevents water from backing into the water main. For example, if a sprinkler head breaks and pools water on the ground, some of that water could wind up in City pipes. An annual test ensures the backflow devices is in good working order and prevents unwanted water from entering the drinking water supply.

KC Water Blank Prevention Assembly Test Report

Section 78 Article V of the Kansas City Code of ordinances requires annual operational rest and certified inspection of all backflow devices. This includes devices on fire protection, lawn Irrigation, and other water service lines that are connected to the cities distribution system. Also, all backflow devices must be registered with the KC Water Backflow Division.

KC Water will send letters to customers notifying them when a backflow test must be completed and submitted. If KC Water has not received a certified test result by the due date, the customer will receive a reminder letter giving them an additional 14 days to submit the certified test report.

If a test report is still not received in time and the customer has not contacted the KC Water Backflow Division to make test arrangements, their water service will be turned off. A $75.00 turn-off/turn-on fee will be charged to the account as allowed by City Ordinance (Section 78-16). Service will not be restored until a Missouri state certified tester has called the Backflow Office with the date the test will be performed (or a current test report is provided to the Backflow Office). The test must be submitted within seven days of water being turned back on or the water service will be disconnected again, and another $75.00 termination and restoration fee will be added to the water account.

A tester certified by Missouri MUST submit the inspection report online at this link.

Please note the following service fees will apply:

  • If fewer than five (5) tests are submitted, a transaction fee of $1.50 will apply for each backflow test submission.
  • If five (5) or more tests are submitted, a transaction fee of $1.00 will apply for each backflow test submission.

For instructions on how to submit a backflow test/inspection, see On-Line Test Submittal User Guide or backflow test/inspection video.

If you have any questions, please contact KC Water Backflow Division at 816-513-4795 or email at

    If you are a certified backflow tester and needing a user ID and password to submit the annual backflow test, please fill out the information below to obtain password and used ID. This process can take up to 24-48 hours. Any issues contact KC Water Backflow Division at 816-513-4795 or email at

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