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At KC Water, we are good stewards in our community, protecting the environment and providing programs and services that support the public good.

Since the Missouri River is primary source of water for Kansas Citians, we take very seriously our obligation to protect the watersheds, tributaries, and the river itself through our wastewater treatment plants and our stormwater management infrastructure and these additional programs:

  • Green infastructure helps our community manage stormwater the way nature intended by capturing and utilizing rainwater where it falls.
  • The Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts and properly recycles or disposes of flammables, fertilizes, chemicals, paints, and other dangerous materials that can spoil waterways
  • Curbside Leaf and Brush Collection minimizes organic waste that enters streams and rivers and helps improve neighborhoods
  • Leak Stoppers is a partnership with Bridging the Gap to provide customers with guidance on how to reduce their water usage.
  • Smart Sewer, a multibillion, 30-year initiative to reduce overflows from combined sewer systems and prevent overflows from separate sewer systems
  • The KC Water Bar provides safe, clean, and great-tasting tap water to large, public events in Kansas City, Mo.

Customers are encouraged to join KC Water in taking advantage of these programs to protect Kansas City today and for future generations. Use links on this page to learn more.