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KC Water Highlights the Missouri River for Drinking Water Week

Posted on May 8, 2019

(Kansas City, MO)  – KC Water, highlights the Missouri River as part of Drinking Water Week.

The Missouri River is the longest river in North America. It flows east and south for a little more than 2,500 miles before entering the Mississippi River north of St. Louis, Missouri. There are over 150 different species of fish in the Missouri River and about 300 species of birds. It is our lifeline for drinking water. KC Water collects and treats water from the Missouri River and sends it into our homes clean and filtered.

KC Water’s wastewater treatment process is also integral to the health of the river. It sends water from Kansas City’s drains and toilets back into the river cleaner than when it came out of the river.

“Most people turn on their faucets without even thinking about how the water got there. Our water comes from the river. The Missouri River is our most valuable resource, we must keep it healthy and clean,” said KC Water Director Terry Leeds.

You can make a difference for the Missouri River by supporting conservation programs and identifying pollution problems. Volunteer with local agencies that provide clean-ups along streams, rivers and lakes.

About Drinking Water Week:

For more than 40 years, American Water Works Association (AWWA) and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week, a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in daily lives.

Additional information about Drinking Water Week, including free materials for download and celebration ideas, is available on the Drinking Water Week webpage.

 About AWWA:

Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. With approximately 50,000 members, AWWA provides solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy and enhance our quality of life.

For more information contact Heather Frierson, KC Water Media Relations Coordinator, at 816-513-0280, cell 816-674-0211.


KC Water maintains and operates water treatment and distribution systems, stormwater management systems, and wastewater collection and treatment systems for residential and business customers in Kansas City and for wholesale customers in the Kansas City area.  KC Water is primarily funded by fees charged to customers based on their use or impacts on the three utility systems.

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