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Utility Assistance

We understand circumstances can make it difficult for our customers to pay their monthly bills. There are two ways to obtain financial assistance.

  • The KC Water Payment Arrangement program gives KC Water customers extra time to bring their utility accounts up to date. With a payment arrangement, the past-due amount is spread out over a specified period of time. This amount is called a monthly installment. Customers are required to pay the agreed upon monthly installment, in addition to paying their total current charges in full by the bill due date each month. To set up a payment arrangement, please sign up or access your account at KC Water.
  • KC Water has partnered with the Mid America Assistance Coalition to help customers who are unable to pay their bills. KC Water has committed over $3 million in funds since the program was created in 2009, and we’ve been able to assist more than 9,000 customers. KC Water is a national leader in this effort considering the fact that only about 28% of the nation’s water utilities offer billing assistance programs to their customers. To learn more about eligibility requirements, please visit or call 816.474.5112 or 211.
  • For additional resources, please visit KC Regional Housing Alliance

To report an issue with making a payment on our site, click here.